Custom Services

Creating a service for you

The preparation involved in planning a funeral can be overwhelming when mourning the loss of a loved one. Those responsible for preparing the funeral and other arrangements don’t have to do it alone. We are here to help you design a funeral service in a way that captures and conveys your loved one’s life in a genuine and honest way.

For example, we can help you determine how much or how little Hebrew to include in the service as well as the most appropriate Jewish or Christian prayers.  We understand how to blend creative elements such as photo slide shows, video tributes, memory tables, music  or other custom elements into a memorial service to best reflect the desires of your family and the deceased.

Above all, we act as a partner that genuinely cares about you and your memorial event needs, always operating in a compassionate, considerate and professional manner that have been the hallmark of how we operate for the more than 80 years.