Generations is a new funeral home service affiliated with Feldman Mortuary that is specifically designed for Interfaith and non-Jewish families.

Our long history in the community has made us sensitive to the specialized needs and desires of families of mixed faith and the inclusive yet distinctive overall memorial experience you wish to create.  Acting as educator, counselor and director, you gain the guidance and expertise needed to ensure that your memorial event is comforting, respectful and meaningful for everyone in your family and community of mourners.

No matter what your religious and cultural upbringing or what your current beliefs and  lifestyle choices are in this regard, Generations can work with you to create a customized event that best reflects the desires of your family and the deceased.  We allow families to incorporate numerous non-traditional elements into the event to make it more creative as well as more personal and significant to them.

Lessen your fear and anxiety

We understand the fear and anxiety that many interfaith families have of alienating family members on both ends of the religious and cultural spectrum.  Over the last seven decades, we have worked with numerous rabbis as well as clergy of other faiths to perform interfaith and non-Jewish memorial events. We have experience working with alternative settings to traditional synagogue services, including churches and non-denominational settings.  We help guide you through all the cemetery options that exist for families of mixed religious observances and can also provide cremation services should that be your desire.

We help equip you to better understand how to integrate the traditions of a Jewish funeral with non-Jewish funeral rites in a way that truly honors your loved one while making everyone at the event feel that they can mourn appropriately.

From the time you first contact us to the final moments of the memorial event we create with you,  you will gain the satisfaction of knowing you have a partner that genuinely cares about you and your  family’s needs.