Our Staff

Jim Cohen

I have been a Denver resident for more than 30 years, having moved here when my father, Stephen J. Cohen took over Feldman Mortuary from my grandfather, Aaron Cohen.

I have a long history of participation in the Denver and Jewish communities, including serving as President of Emanuel Congregation, Denver’s largest Reform synagogue. I also have served as a member of the endowment committee of the Allied Jewish Federation, chair of the Steinberg Leadership Institute of the Anti-Defamation League, board member of the Center for Judaic Studies at the University of Denver, chair of the Jewish Senior Recreation Network and numerous other community organizations.

I received a B.A from the University of Arizona and an M.B.A. from the University of Denver, Daniels College of Business. I have been recognized by the State of Colorado as a Certified Funeral Director since 1995.

Being in this business forces me, on a daily basis, to appreciate and value the love and joy of my family!

Stephen J. Cohen

Born in Denver, I entered my father’s business immediately after graduating from the University of Colorado in 1966. I moved to St. Louis in 1968 and returned to take over Feldman Mortuary in 1980, after my father Aaron became too ill to continue working. I served as president of Feldman Mortuary for more than 20 years.

My involvement in the community has included: Jewish Family Service where I was recognized with the Business Leader of the year award, Jewish Community Center, Emanuel Congregation, Allied Jewish Federation, and numerous other volunteer activities within our community.

My wife Cheryl and I are very busy with our golden retrievers and our four grandchildren. Our interests include traveling in Mexico, traveling the world’s wine regions and gardening at our Greenwood Village home.

Larry D. Mowery, CFD General Manager

I moved to Colorado in 1972 after serving my country in the armed services. I graduated from the University of Colorado, Colorado Springs with a degree in Business. Some clergy friends, with whom I had worked closely as a Youth Director earlier in my life suggested the funeral profession to me. They thought I had the “it” to be in this business. Even though it is a business, this profession is also one that provides a service to families in need. It fulfils me and I believe it’s what I was meant for.

My wife Diane and I have 4 children spread across the country and now many grandchildren to visit as often as possible. I am an avid golfer and racquetball player, anything to keep me active.


Kenning Jiron, CFD, Funeral Director

When I got laid off from the printing industry after 17 years, I ended up at a funeral home in La Junta, CO, where my cousin was the owner. My first case was a young man who died in a fatal car accident. At the burial, when his grieving mother hugged us and thanked us for letting her see and say good-bye to her only son, I knew then and there this is what I wanted to do.

Twelve years later, I help provide care and respect according to people’s tradition. I have helped diverse members of our community as well as members of my own family during some of the most difficult times in their lives when a loved one is lost. I am proud to be a Funeral Director/Embalmer knowing I give comfort and relief to families by reassuring them that their loved one is respectfully cared for.

1995 Graduate of the Colorado Springs Fire Fighter Candidate Program, Colorado Springs, CO
Internship Johnson-Romero Funeral Home, La Junta, CO, 2 years Romero Funeral Home, Denver, CO
Feldman Mortuary since 2005

Brian O'Dale Stewart, Funeral Director/Embalmer

When I was 15, my grandmother died unexpectedly. Watching my mom and the family mourn, I realized how death can forever change a life, and how it can pull a family closer together. I knew I wanted to be part of that for others so I became a paramedic. When my grandfather died a few years later, it really sunk in that the funeral industry was what I was supposed to do with my life; I went on to graduate from the Pittsburgh Institute of Mortuary Science.

Growing up on a farm, I was taught discipline and responsibility at a very young age. Through my parents and grandparents, I learned that life is what you want to make of it. Some choose to let the world change around them, while others choose to change the world.  I was taught respect, dignity, honesty, and above all, that your hard work pays off

I worked for a funeral home n West Virginia for a total of ten years gaining all sorts of experience. I joined Feldman Mortuary in 2017 and happy to call Denver home.

In my free time I enjoy dirt race cars, hiking, traveling and cooking.


Gioja Lacy, MSP Funeral Director

After years of trying to make a living playing music,  supplementing my income with a 9-year career in grocery store customer service, I realized I had a destiny I’d yet to tap into. People ask me how I came to choose the funeral profession—and I find it difficult to answer—it was just meant to be! Once I discovered my calling, I enrolled in school and spent 3 years pursuing a mortuary science degree. I graduated with a 4.0 in the fall of 2017 and passed my National Board Exams shortly thereafter. Feldman was a natural choice for me as a firm that is not sales driven, but one that is family oriented and truly involved in the community. People are my passion and I take immense pride in caring for my fellow humans, especially during some of the darkest times in life.

When not working, I enjoy cuddling my two love-inspiring dogs, appreciating art of all kinds, singing, reading, eating chocolate, and discussing the mysteries of life with my chosen family.


Jamie Sarche, Director of Aftercare and Outreach

As the director of outreach and prearranged funeral planning, I work hard to help people put plans in place long before they need them, when they are able to make educated decisions that are not clouded by grief.  After putting plans in place, my clients often lean back in their chairs, take a deep breath, and say, “that was so much easier than I expected.”

People ask why I would want to work in such a “depressing” business. I believe it is a gift to help the families Feldman’s serves to carry their pain, if only for a short time. I am grateful for the opportunity to help people through some of their most difficult days.

I am on the board of Jewish Family Service, Kavod Senior Living, and the Jewish Community Relations Council. My husband, Jon, and I have two amazing sons, Alec and Danny. We love to hike, see movies, and play games.

As a Denver native, I have long and deep connections to Feldman Mortuary and the Cohen family. When my grandparents, Joe and Emma Naiman died, the Cohens and Feldman’s staff guided my family with kindness, caring and compassion. 

Breaking down the taboos about death | Jamie Sarche | TEDxCrestmoorParkWomen https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=SmsYxDvdcYc&t=21s
Death Rituals: Creating Jewish Life |Jamie Sarche |ELI Talks http://www.elitalks.org/jamie


Susan Hinchey-Johnson, Director of Community Outreach

I was given the opportunity to become the Director of Community Outreach at Feldman in 2017.

Part of my position includes reaching out to staff at hospitals, hospices and retirement communities to provide education in Jewish traditions and rituals at the time of death, as well as facilitating open discussions about grief & loss and practicing self-care in such a challenging industry. I also get the privilege to help our funeral directors and families at funerals.

In January, 2015 we lost our 17-year-old son, PJ, to suicide. Being a parent surviving child loss helps me to be absolutely present with people in the wake of their sorrow. And it is truly an honor to walk with people as they find their way through grief.

Not quite a native of Colorado, I’ve lived here for 43 years. My husband Steve and I live in southeast Denver. We are very proud parents of our daughter, Gabrielle, a senior at CSU and our son PJ, who forever lives in our hearts.


Dubarry, Comfort Specialist

Dubarry has joined us a Comfort Specialist. This friendly, sweet and cuddly yellow lab will do all he can to make funeral planning and bereavement a little easier for those whom Feldman has the honor of caring.

(photo by: Daniel Sarche)