What We Do

Generations is the only funeral home service in the Denver area specifically designed to meet the unique needs of our area’s Interfaith community.   We understand Interfaith dynamics and can work with you to create a meaningful funeral experience for your family’s specific needs.  Our ability to integrate traditional and non-traditional elements of a memorial service together to create meaningful, appropriate memorial events is highly valued by our families.

We help families interested in Interfaith funeral services by:

Acting as Guide and Educator

Families need help on understanding the funeral process, particularly in a memorial event involving mixed faiths.  Our staff is extremely knowledgeable about the traditions of Jewish burial and proficient as well in non-Jewish funeral rites.  We bring structure to the process and the memorial event and assist families in need of guidance on how to create a comforting, respectful event for all family members and mourners.

Selecting a Service Lead

Many families come to us uncertain of how to approach the selection of someone to officiate the memorial service, while also fearful of alienating family members on different sides of the religious spectrum.   We act as a partner to help educate and guide families on creating an Interfaith funeral experience that fits their particular situation, customs and beliefs.  We can help you engage a rabbi, minister or other officiate in creating a service that can incorporate Judaism to some degree but is accessible to non-Jewish individuals.

Selecting a Venue for the Service

You can choose among numerous alternative settings to traditional synagogue services including churches or other worship space of the non-Jewish family member.  We are also adept at coordinating memorial events at other non-denominational sites including outdoor spaces and event centers.  In addition, the Feldman Mortuary chapel can be used for interfaith services as it incorporates an elegant respectful setting for a funeral with a modest Jewish theme without being overbearing to the non-Jewish family members.

Providing Burial/Cremation Options

There are many burial/cremation questions faced by Interfaith families.  Many would like to know what the criteria is for burial in a Jewish cemetery and whether a non-Jewish spouse can be buried next to a Jewish spouse.  Others want to look at cremation options.  We can work through these issues with you so you can make an informed, appropriate decision.